Wendy’s joins pumpkin spice trend with new frosty flavor

Wendy's joins pumpkin spice trend with new frosty flavor

Wendy’s is throwing its pig tails into the pumpkin spice ring.

The fast food chain is experimenting with the fall favorite flavor for their popular “frosty” treats. Starting next Tuesday, Wendy’s will offer the frozen treat infused with the taste of crisp air and colorful leaves.

That type of feeling is exactly why seasonal flavors have become so popular – they invoke a sense of nostalgia and excitement, and their limited availability creates a sense of urgency that boosts demand.

If you’re keeping count, pumpkin spice marks the sixth flavor for the frosty.

There’s the perennial chocolate and vanilla, as well as limited flavors including peppermint, strawberry and birthday cake.

The appearance of pumpkin spice in frozen form is a little unusual. Starbucks, Dunkin’ and 7-Eleven all introduced their lineup of hot pumpkin spices beverages in August.

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