‘We’re in this together:’ 3-day Juneteenth event at Virginia Beach Oceanfront focuses on community

'We’re in this together:' 3-day Juneteenth event at Virginia Beach Oceanfront focuses on community

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A variety of activities were held for the community at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to commemorate Juneteenth. Monday was the third day of a three-day event.

President Joe Biden gave the day federal status in 2021. It commemorates the end of slavery. After the Emancipation Proclamation was issued in 1863, it took two years for word to spread to everyone. The news reached Galveston, Texas in June of 1865.

, a local group dedicated to mentorship and uplifting communities put together a variety of activities at 24th Street. They were open to the public and free.

“Moving forward, we just want everyone to know that this is about unity in the community and creating culture, inclusion, and diversity here at the Oceanfront, and sharing our culture with everyone,” explained one of the organizers, David Leader.

Leader said they plan to hold the event again next year, and that between now and then, TEAMLAMB plans to mentor local high school students.

In addition to diverse foods, art, and music, there were also educational panels of speakers including educators, law enforcement officers, and students. Virginia Beach council member, Sabrina Wooten, hosted the community forum called “Change the Game.”

Organizers expect the festivities to go until 7pm Monday.

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